What is itactuator

Linear actuator is the electromechanical device, this device creates push or pull force by transfer of rotation movement in linear movement.
EPO Actuator is constructed as an independent and self- supporting body. To this body is connected the transmission with the servomotor or electromotor, eventually an independent servomotor or electromotor.

With a suitable design of the drive system, the speed and axial force can be achieved according to the customer's needs and other useful functions and properties can be obtained, for example:

- variable course of speed and force
- detection of the achieved force and its limitation
- positionability with high precision
- simplified operation of the connected load
The construction of EPO Actuator enables to define the dimensions and types of connecting flanges, the design of the free end of the piston rod, the required stroke and speed. The construction method reduces additional costs for auxiliary and connecting structures and structural elements.

EPO Actuator
can be add with reference and extreme position sensors and share this information with superior systems. In the case of servomotor drive, it is possible to share the entire range of parameters, according to the needs of the customer and the superior system used by him.
We use servomotors YASKAWA (link on the web epo.cz) with communication bus PROFI-NET, ETHERCAT, MECHATROLINK, POWERLINK and others.

About us

ELEKTROPOHONY company for more than 30 years
(since 1991) deals with propulsion technology,
frequency converters and servo drives with emphasis on
applications with high added value. We have
also own metalworking.

The EPO Actuator is the result of our own development,
whichwe have been deploying successfully since 2009,
either asreplacement of hydraulic drives, so into completely
new ones machines of our customers.


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