Examples applications with EPO Actuator

EPO Actuator can for example:

Press, punch, push through various materials in the serial and in the piece production

- application with an emphasis on speed and control of movement and strength

Test the cyclic stress of materials in laboratories

- applications with high precision and control of force and speed curves

Stop and start a loaded freight car

- applications with high force and long stroke, without the need for precision


About us

ELEKTROPOHONY company for more than 30 years
(since 1991) deals with propulsion technology,
frequency converters and servo drives with emphasis on
applications with high added value. We have
also own metalworking.

The EPO Actuator is the result of our own development,
whichwe have been deploying successfully since 2009,
either asreplacement of hydraulic drives, so into completely
new ones machines of our customers.


ELEKTROPOHONY spol. s r.o.
Závodí 234,
74401 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
Phone: +420 556 880 611
E-mail: aktuator@epo.cz